Students share their plans for Good Friday


This Friday, April 3, is Good Friday; the Christian holiday that honors the crucifixion of Jesus and his death. While some students are looking forward to celebrating the religious holiday, others are more excited about having a three day weekend.

“I am very religious so I don’t view Good Friday as a day off from school. I view it as an important Christian day,” Pedro Da Silva ’15 said.

Da Silva feels this day plays a big role in the entire Easter holiday, so he is going to celebrate.

“I plan to follow my religious traditions of fasting and praying. Then I’ll attend mass and the [Passion of the Christ play] with my family,” Da Silva added.

Similarly, Bella Purcell ’15 will be spending Easter weekend with her family.

“I think the best part of having the day off is we get to spend the holidays… with friends and family in anticipation of Easter. It’s cute because my little brothers are already getting excited for Easter because of the ‘Easter bunny,’” Purcell said.

While some students are going to be celebrating this religious holiday, others will be enjoying a break from school.

“On my day off I plan to watch some movies, eat some food, relax, and then go to work,” Mehar Kirmani ’15 said.

Tati Morales ’15 has similar plans.

“I’m probably going to sleep and relax,” Morales said.

While most are staying local, Beatrice Vega ’15 is taking advantage of the time off and is traveling.

“I’m visiting Florida State on Thursday. So Friday, I’ll probably spend my day by the pool or drive to the beach,” Vega shared.

No matter if students are celebrating, having a relaxing weekend or traveling, everyone is looking forward to having no school on Good Friday.