Students have opposing views about the holidays

Students have opposing views about the holidays

Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

Shivering outside for a school bus to come and coughing from one cold to the next is what is in store for students this winter. To get by during these dreary winter months, many students look on the bright side; the holidays are near.

The aspect of the holidays that students treasure the most is the time off because this allows many to travel and visit loved ones that are far away.

For example, Madison Jarvis ’16 enthusiastically shared that she loves the holidays because she travels with her immediate family to Chicago. This is where they have a big family dinner together with all of her other relatives.

Josef Wichmann ’15 agreed that “being with [his] friends and family” is his favorite part. He added that he visits his relatives in Massachusetts over the holiday break.

In addition to spending quality time with family, students love getting into the positive mood of the holidays.

Emily Schussheim ’17 shared that she enjoys listening to holiday music on the radio because it makes her feel spirited.

Even though many students are looking forward to the holidays this year, some are wanting to avoid the holiday hype.

Melanie Orent ’16 commented that even though she is looking forward to celebrating Hanukkah, she is not looking forward to the commercialization of the holidays.

Orent conveyed that Christmas is highly advertised by saying, “You turn on the radio in December and all you hear is Christmas songs.”

Furthermore, Jane Handa ’17 agrees that there is a lot commercialization. She explained that receiving presents leads to a materialistic society.

Jarvis sums up that despite mixed feelings about the holidays, “Most people enjoy them [in] one way or another.”