Holiday break excites Staples


The 12 day holiday break is starting this Wed. and it is clear that members of the Staples community are extremely enthusiastic to have the time off.

“I’m looking forward to just sleeping and being able to relax after the stress of college apps and everything,” Tati Morales ’15 said.

Similarly, Izzy Connors ’18 and Abi Genser ’18 shared that they are both looking forward to sleeping in late.

Even though many share excitement for the holiday break coming near, not everyone has the same plans.

Some members of the Staples community are staying local over the break. For example, Coletia Williams ’18 shared that she plans to spend time at home with her three nieces and two nephews for the holiday.

Williams added that she is most excited for the food. Her family is hosting a holiday meal, complete with chicken, ham, turkey, yams and a big dish of mac and cheese.

Paraprofessional Cathy Carlson is also staying home for the holidays. Her daughter and son, who are both Staples alumni, will be visiting. Carlson is extra excited to see her children because her son is coming all the way from his army training base in Texas.

While some members of the Staples community plan to spend the holiday break at home, others have plans to travel.

Connors is going to England over the break to visit her family and friends. Ever since she moved to America four years ago, this has been an annual holiday trip for her.

English teacher Anne Fernandez is getting the best of both worlds: after spending the time with her family from Mystic, she is flying to Palm Beach with her husband. Fernandez revealed that she is looking forward to soaking in the sun the most.

“Sorry fam,” Fernandez said with a laugh.

Whether staying home or traveling, the Staples community is eager to start their holiday break.