Students change climates for college


“I think the different climates will play somewhat of a role, as I will have to decide what type of climate I want to live in for at least the next four years, but I think it will play less of a role than the academics will,” Amelia Tavarnesi ’15 said.

Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

As spring approaches, many seniors are receiving their acceptance letters to college. For Staples’ soon to be college students, there will be a lot of changes that they will have to acclimate to. While the most common adjustments include living on their own for the first time and meeting new people, some will also be embracing a new climate.

Sloane Cooper ’15, who will be attending Texas Christian University in the fall, shared her concern for the climate difference.

“I am not looking forward to dealing with scorching heat. I love warm weather, but Texas is a whole new story,” Cooper said.

Cooper plans to tackle the heat by updating her closet with more heat friendly options.

Similarly, Sophia Corde ’15 will be attending the University of Miami in the fall.

“Summer is my favorite season, so I can’t wait to have that weather year round. I’m not worried about adjusting because I will be going to school when I am used to the summer weather so it won’t be too hard to adjust,” Corde said.

While Copper and Corde have decided to go to schools in a warmer climate, Amelia Tavarnesi ’15 is still considering her options. Tavarnesi applied to schools in Florida and Maine.

“I think the weather will definitely impact my college experience by changing the kinds of activities I do in college. If I went south, instead of skiing with friends or staying indoors in the winter, I think a lot of my college experience would happen outside,” Tavarnesi said.

While many students will be facing a new climate next year, Jess Shaw ’15 has taken another approach.

This coming school year, Shaw will be attending Barnard College of Columbia University and Columbia University of International/Public Affairs.

“I like having four seasons. I also like how the weather is the same as here in Westport, so I will know what to wear [and] pack,” Shaw explained.

Whether seniors will be moving to states that feel like its summer all year round or staying in similar climates, they feel that they’ve made the right choice in picking a climate that suits them best.

“I think [the warm weather] will make [my college experience] better… I think that having it be sunny and warm everyday really affects people’s moods, so I’m sure I will love it,” Cooper summed up.