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Trump bashes Amazon over series of tweets


By Emma Greenberg ’18

President Donald Trump first tweeted about the the internet retailer Amazon on March 29, calling out the company for causing damages to the United States Postal system. His following four tweets also said that Amazon should “pay real costs (and taxes),” reiterated that the post office is losing money due to Amazon and that he is just in his claims.

Following those tweets, Amazon’s stock dropped 7 percent. With the large drop, many wall street investors have feared that Trump will begin to take legal action against regulating Amazon.

Although investors are worried about the repercussions of his tweets, students feel as though no further actions will be made. “Trump always tweets out all of these plans that he has, but never takes any legal action ever,”  Ella Lederer ’18 said. “He never follows through […] his promises are empty,” she continued.

As of today, April 3, there have been a series of five tweets. The first one came out on March 29, followed by two on March 31, followed by a stand alone one on April 2, and another single one today.

In one of his tweets Trump mentions how Amazon isn’t paying the amount of taxes that they should be. He argues that they should be paying more, with standards that meet the US tax laws.

Trumping is poking at the fact that third party sellers on the Amazon website do not collect state sales tax. Third party sellers account for about half of the company’s unit sales, according to many Wall Street Firm estimates.

Speaking on the character of his tweets, some students feel as though he could have gone about spreading his message in a different way.

“A president is expected to maintain a proper decorum, and be above the fray […] and drama,” Paige Anderson ’18, a member of the republican party said.  “Though Mr. Trump feels justified in his actions, it doesn’t embody what [the] kind of action we’d expect from someone in his position.”

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