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The future of Amazon Fresh looks precarious, as its parent company evaluates the economics of the venture. And while the company may have halted the expansion of the brand, the company’s quarterly losses related to the stores due to the costs of property equipment and operating leases are still growing (SuperMarket News).

Why Amazon Fresh has become a stale venture

Henry Watson ’25, Staff Writer November 28, 2023

The city of Los Angeles has been home to many American technological achievements. Los Angeles is where the first U.S. satellite was launched, the first freeway was built and the first American film was...

Some well-known corporations have created “pro-gay” advertising and made their logos rainbow for LGBTQ+ pride month, while simultaneously donating millions to anti-gay politicans in recent years, presenting a problem often called “rainbow washing.”

Pride is not just one month: corporate performativity, rainbow washing is detrimental

Lea Rivel '22, Social Media Director June 12, 2022

AT&T. StateFarm. Fedex. Amazon. Xfinity. Comcast. These well-known companies all have something in common: their use of rainbow “pro-gay” advertising during June, while donating millions to anti-gay...

Amazon Fresh stores offer many different features, including ordering ahead and free same-day delivery.  While these may sound appealing to buyers, it allows Amazon to further its monopoly over every possible market. Buyers should prioritize stores like Trader Joes, Fresh Market and Stop and Shop because they do not seek to dominate any market other than groceries.

Amazon Fresh stores destined to change the local supermarket landscape for the worse

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor November 3, 2021

Walking into any grocery store, I often expect to see the same things: fruits, meats, dairy and all different types of food. When I think of Amazon, I can’t quite place my finger on what to expect, it...

Amazon Prime Day will be held on June 21 this year. This Amazon holiday provides deals for customers and has been proven to be harmful to both the environment and to Amazon employees.

Avoid Amazon Prime Day for moral, environmental reasons

Audrey Kercher '23, Web Arts Editor June 11, 2021

One of my favorite things in the world is receiving packages in the mail. The feeling of excitement and surprise I get as I tear open cardboard boxes or shipping packages to reveal brand new shining goods...

Amazon Go Grocery opens up 26 convenience stores throughout America with “Just Walkout Technology”

New Amazon Go stores are destined to change America

Caroline Donohue '20, Business Manager March 14, 2020

Amazon, as most of the world knows, is one of the biggest enterprises alive and allows people to basically buy anything in the world and have it shipped to your door the next day. In 2020, Amazon announced...

Amazon’s “Modern Love” draws inspiration from the New York Times’ “Modern Love” Column, reflecting on emotions, heartbreak and love in today’s society.

‘Modern Love’ surpasses expectations, portrays reality

Audrey Bernstein ’20, Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2019

“Surely there is someone out there who will take me for who I am,” Lexi, played by Anne Hathaway, says in the trailer for Amazon’s “Modern Love.” “The good, the bad, the full story of love.”...

Amazon, Snapchat test out easier way to shop

Amazon, Snapchat test out easier way to shop

October 5, 2018

By Carly Kaplowitz '21 Technology companies Amazon and Snapchat are creating a new feature in which Snapchat users can easily find and purchase a product. Users can do this by pressing down on their...

Amazon reaches new milestone

Amazon reaches new milestone

September 17, 2018

By Eli Corenthal '19 “Alexa, what is Amazon’s current stock evaluation?” Amazon has finally been evaluated at $1 trillion in worth, making them the the only company besides Apple to reach...

It’s time for big tech’s big breakup

It’s time for big tech’s big breakup

April 30, 2018

In the recent weeks, the library posed a question to the student body, “Why should we break up Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple? Or shouldn’t we?” This is my response to the question. The question...

Trump bashes Amazon over series of tweets

Trump bashes Amazon over series of tweets

April 3, 2018

By Emma Greenberg '18 President Donald Trump first tweeted about the the internet retailer Amazon on March 29, calling out the company for causing damages to the United States Postal system. His following...

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