Bus tracking apps overlooked by students


Graphic by Cameron Almonte '23.

Bus tracking apps can be found on Apple or android devices, free to download.

Ten years ago, missing the bus was something every student faced. Coming back into your home to a disappointed look on your parents’ face and dreading the question that was bound to be asked: “Did you miss the bus?” Now, missing the bus has become quite difficult with apps like “WheresTheBus” or “Here comes the Bus.” 

There is one problem though; it seems no one knows these apps exist. 

“There’s a bus tracker app?” Gabe Trivino ’23 asked. “I’m a senior now but this [information] could have been useful even last year.”

It’s no surprise that students overlook bus tracking apps, as the most popular of the options has less than 75,000 downloads. The apps are available with the click of a button, as all that’s required is signing in with a school email and bus number.

I just discovered the app existed about six months ago after I started constantly missing the bus. The “WheresTheBus” app has saved me countless times.

— David Nivia ’24.


“I feel like more awareness about these apps should be spread if no one knows they exist,” Jayce Decaprio ’23 said

Even underclassmen were clueless to the fact that these apps have been available to consumers for eight years.

“My friends and I could most definitely benefit from this,” Freddie Fielding ’25 said. 

Although an article by NBC Connecticut was published in 2018 regarding the use of bus tracking apps, many parents are still in confusion and lack the knowledge of these apps’ existence. 

“I have a senior and sophomore that attend Staples,” Staples parent Karen Masters said. “I, as well as neither of my children, had any knowledge regarding these apps.” 

Students who do have the apps downloaded expressed their potential convenience. 

“I just discovered the app existed about six months ago after I started constantly missing the bus,” David Nivia ’24 said. “The “WheresTheBus” app has saved me countless times.” 

The app is free on both Apple and android devices making the app extremely convenient.

“The app is free?” Will Masters ’23 said. “I’m telling my sister to download it right now.”