Milk or sugar with your tea? Or how about bacteria?

Milk or sugar with your tea? Or how about bacteria?

Kate Lewis ’18


Trendy foods have been colorful, expensive and beautiful, but never before have they been alive.


Kombucha is fermented sweet tea… cultured with bacteria and yeast. This concoction works as a liquid probiotic, so the living bacteria and yeast in the tea actually improve your health, especially your digestive system, in a number of different ways.   


Sophie Carozza ’18, an avid kombucha fan, drinks the tea daily. “I drink kombucha because I like how it tastes and it’s still really healthy! I do like to drink it because of its health benefits compared to some other drinks,” Carozza said.


Research has found consuming probiotics can help fight colds, stimulate the immune system, improve digestion and lower cholesterol. It also promotes a healthy gut, alleviating issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies.


The tea that originated from China has now reached the aisles of supermarkets all over the country, including Westport. Westport even has a cafe dedicated to Kombucha, Bar ‘Bucha, which is owned by Staples student Aishah Avdiu ’17.


Helena Knoll ’18, also enjoys the fizzy tea. “I really like the taste and also it makes me feel better and more energized,” Knoll said.


However, not everyone is a fan of the tea. Some critics say that the health benefits are fake and it really does nothing for you at all, while others say that putting all that bacteria in your body is bad for your stomach and digestion.


Anna Sivinski ’18 doesn’t think the tea is worthwhile. “The negatives outweigh the positives,” Sivinski said. “It’s very expensive and the health benefits can’t be that beneficial. Just eat yogurt instead.”


Nevertheless, its popularity is only rising. Whether you like Kombucha or not, this healthy trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.