Child star turns Staples Graduate turns The Voice contender?


The world found out something that the Staples High School community already knew when Alisan Porter ’99 auditioned for season 10 of “The Voice”. Porter can sing, and she can sing well. Porter became a contestant after a riveting performance of “Blue Bayou” written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson.

Current Players now are overjoyed to see such success from the performers who had previously been in their ranks.

“It’s just really cool to have an alum who is so talented,” Brooke Wrubel ’17, a current Staples Player, said
On “The Voice”, the contestant sings to four judges If the judge would like to become their coach and have them join the “team” then they press a button that turns around their chairs to see who they will be working with. If two or more chairs turn for one performer, the performer is given the choice of which coach he/she wants to work with.

Her performance in her blind audition caused all four coaches —Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams — to turn around. After listening to the coaches make their pitch of why she should join their team, Porter chose to continue under the direction of Aguilera.
Even though Porter chose to continue on to later rounds with Aguilera, she garnered support from all the coaches and even received a much envied hug from Levine.

“Remember who sat on the stage and worshiped you,” Aguilera said. “I want to be a part of your history.”

Since her audition appearance on The Voice, Porter has beat out Daniel Passino in the “knockout” round and thus confirming her spot moving forward into later rounds.

Before making her appearance on The Voice, Porter began her career in entertainment as an actress, most notably in her lead role a family comedy film Curly Sue. Porter admitted on “The Voice” that acting was not her first dream and it was only after finding love and having children that she decided to pursue her dream as a singer and musician.

“I really feel like the universe just had a plan for me because you guys turned for me today,” Porter said to the judges on “The Voice”.
While Alison was at Staples, she played the leading role in many Players’ productions. Including the shows “Runaways” and “Cinderella” where she was directed by the former Players director Judy Luster.

Luster has only good things to say when reflecting on her experiences with Porter. Describing her as someone who “gave [her] goosebumps.”
“What made her the best of the best is that she used those amazing pipes of hers to sing from her soul. This gave clarity and heart to her performance and that drew me in every time,” Luster said.

Whether it be the universe or the hard work and talent that Porter puts into each performance, the Staples community is excited to see her grace the stage once again.

“Those goose bumps are back again as I enjoy her in “The Voice.” There’s a new level of joy and confidence,” Luster said.