“The Voice” Captivates the Levitt


All eyes were on Luke Wade after Mia Z concluded her introduction early Saturday night at the Levitt Pavilion.

Erin McGroarty, Staff Writer

There’s been plenty of buzz about the Levitt Pavilion’s $6.7 million renovation, but now there’s even more to talk surrounding the local, outdoor concert hall. In its 42nd summer season under the stars, the Levitt Pavilion brought Texas native and NBC’s “The Voice” contestant Luke Wade to the stage this past Saturday night.

Luke Wade, accompanied by another contestant Mia Z, are touring the country after their appearances on “The Voice” with Team Pharrell. One of their nationwide stops included the Levitt Pavilion, and hundreds of people came to see the highly-anticipated performance.

“We come to the shows about every other week,” an older Westport couple said. “We saw [Luke Wade’s] name and decided to come to the show.”

This couple, amongst many others, were impressed by the raw talent of both Wade’s voice and lyrics. Wade’s music ranges from intimate, slow-paced ballads of deep struggle, to energetic and positive songs that had the crowd on their feet.

Growing up with a homelife that cultivated creativity, Wade’s music style exudes a passionate aire of self-awareness that makes his work “inherently reflective, without need of gimmick or novelty” as he describes on his website.

Despite his childhood ailments of spinal meningitis, a heat stroke and going blind in one eye, Wade has remains hopeful and channels his hope in his songs and his performances.

“Luke Wade was genuine, an incredible performer, and truly inspirational,” a Westport dad of three said. “He was an incredible talent and we were fortunate to have him perform in our little town.”

Throughout the show, Wade would interact with his audience by sharing the stories behind his lyrics, therefore creating an intimate atmosphere under the full moon. Though she never met him personally, the Levitt’s marketing and developing director Carleigh Welsh said that she “consider(s) [Wade] as a ‘friend’”, due to his charismatic personality.

Onstage, the artist himself said, “I love it when people listen, but I love it even more when I can hear you guys sing. There’s a few voices up here, but there’s thousands out there, and that’s even more beautiful”.

And sure enough, many sang along to songs such as “Eyes On The Horizon” and “As Long As She Knows” that are featured on his sophomore album.

Besides performing his many originals, he performed classic songs such as “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” with Mia Z, a collaborative duet that will be released on September 1.

Carleigh Welsh describes Luke Wade and Mia Z’s performance as “a soulful way to end the summer”, as well a valuable conclusion to the Levitt Pavilion’s summer repertoire.