Big Plans for the New Levitt Pavilion

Big Plans for the New Levitt Pavilion

Plans for the Levitt Pavilion renovations, which will begin at the end of September or the beginning of October, include a covered entrance area and new stage, as shown in this model. | Photo contributed by Carleigh Welsh

Envision a beautiful, fresh, outdoor entertainment venue right in downtown Westport. Imagine enjoying amazing performances under the stars complete with food from a concession stand and restroom access at the new and improved Levitt Pavilion. These visions are finally on the road to becoming reality.

Over the summer, both the town of Westport and the state of Conn. agreed to put large sums of money towards the remodeling of the Levitt Pavilion, the entertainment venue located behind the Westport Library.

Construction is expected to begin at the end of September or the beginning of October and the whole project is scheduled to be ready in time for the 2013 performance season.

The total cost of the renovations will be $6.7 million. The town granted the project $1.1 million and the state allotted $450,000. A request for another $500,000 from the state is still waiting to be approved. The remainder of the costs will be earned through fundraising and donations.

“The money is minimal for the amount of entertainment it will provide for our town and even neighboring towns,” said Representative Town Meeting Moderator Hadley Rose.

These funds will be put towards redoing the entire infrastructure of the Levitt Pavilion. This is a priority for the town because the original Levitt stage was over 35 years old and for the past six years, a temporary stage had to be used because the original pavilion was demolished six years ago.

Renovations, designed by architect Peter Cadoux, will include a covered entrance area with a concession stand, restrooms, and stairs and a ramp leading up to the level of the lawn seating. There will also be a sound booth in the center of the lawn. The temporary stage will be replaced with one including dressing rooms, performer space, restrooms, and a roof made out of a fabric that can be twisted to change shape if needed.

Although the Levitt is undergoing physical changes, the most important aspect of the facility will remain the same.

“What’s most important is 50 nights of free entertainment. That’s the reason the pavilion is there and the reason it will continue to be there,” said Stuart McCarthy, project manager of the Levitt Pavilion renovation.


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