Teens rock out at Toquet Hall and Levitt Pavilion

It’s a crisp night in the town of Westport. Voices are coming from the houses, laughter is heard from the restaurants, but in the center of town close to the library, two places are full of music and life: Toquet Hall and the Levitt Pavilion.

Toquet Hall, located above jewlery store Dovecote, opened in 1998 as a place for teens to socialize.

Managed and governed by teens in the area, Toquet has hosted many events in the past, from concerts to plays to gaming nights. “It’s a fun place to hang out with your friends,” Claire Tiefenthaler ’17 said.

Chrissy Garvey ’15 and her band Fighting Static have played at Toquet Hall seven times. “Playing at Toquet is super fun and and very easy to manage,” Garvey ’15 said. “The vibe is usually very chill and everyone has a good time just hanging out with friends and enjoying the music.”

Fellow musician Drew Beitman ’15, who is working at the Levitt this summer, is also and enthusiast of Toquet Hall.   “One of my favorite things about Toquet is how much each of the band[s] are different based on where they’re from and their style,” he said. The music can range from being punk rock to classic rock to any other genre of music. Beitman ’15 is also  excited to learn more about mechanical engineering and experience the performances.

The Levitt Pavilion extends past the rollercoaster-looking arches over the stage behind the Westport Library to a national organization with eight locations all over the country. The purpose for the organization is to take unused spaces in towns and fill them with life and music, while bringing the community closer together.

The current Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts was not the first one in Westport. The original pavilion was opened in 1974 when residents of the town wanted a space outdoors to host the performing arts and create a gathering place for families and friends.

Grammy winners like The Zydeco Experience and local places such as the Connecticut Ballet have taken to the Levitt’s stage. Other entertainment the Levitt holds for the citizens of Westport are kid nights on Wednesdays and, over the summer, scattered movie nights for teens.

As described by the Levitt’s mission statement on the website, they “empower communities to transform neglected outdoor spaces into welcoming destinations where the power of free, live music brings people together and invigorates community life.”

So when there’s time, take the opportunity to experience places that are right around the corner, Toquet Hall and the Levitt Pavilion.