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Alex Spadacenta

Alex Spadacenta, Assistant Business Manager

Alex Spadacenta’s ’17 favorite ice cream flavor of cookies and cream.  According to, by definition, this means that Spadacenta is “smooth and personable with a sense of humor,” loves to “learn and grow with whatever [she’s] doing,” and seems “cool no matter the circumstance.”


From when she was a little kid that always wore a light blue skirt or ripped pink pants to today when she sports converse and a necklace from her Bat Mitzvah, Spadacenta’s favorite ice cream proves to accurately describe her “cool” personality.  A new member to the Inklings team, Spadacenta is ready for an exciting year as the Assistant Business Manager, where she raises money through selling advertisements and other nuanced ways for the paper.  


Inklings was not something Spadacenta joined just to pad her already varied resume.  “It’s a group of really cool people,” Spadacenta said.  “Here I really feel like I can be friends with anyone and talk to anyone.”


In addition to Inklings, Spadacenta participates in a myriad of sports teams, including field hockey, lacrosse, and gymnastics.  Though Spadacenta had to take a break from gymnastics due to an elbow injury, she is fully prepared to be back-handspring-ing her way back to the floor event.  “I’m not a very competitive person, but I really like just doing it,” Spadacenta said.  “Everyone just knew me as the gymnastics person.”


For her future, Spadacenta motivates her possibly join the field of psychology.  This is in part inspired by her Ukrainian-born sister, who has learning disabilities and is close to her.  “It’s hard sometimes,” Spadacenta said, “but sometimes we just look at each other and we know what we’re thinking.”  Spadacenta wants to apply the “work hard, play hard” mentality she has learned from Sports and Inklings to help people express themselves going forward.

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