Camelbaks enter the social scene


Being a long time camper, I have become very accustomed to having a Camelbak water bottle at my disposal. Now, they have not only invaded the outdoors scene, but have also made their way into everyday life. Personally, I love it.

Camelbaks have become a frenzy at Staples. Everywhere I turn, there is another bottle perched on someone’s desk. Most people have probably seen the classic containers with the transparent yet colorful plastic, and the sipping straw device that is clearly patented.

But this is just the beginning.

For kids, Camelbak has created enjoyable shapes and animals such as dinosaurs for children to enjoy. There are also different sizes and styles that make kids and teens want to have more than one of these bottles.

In college, people love to have school spirit in any shape or form. Camelbak has hopped on the bandwagon by creating water bottles for colleges. The outside will come in the color of the school, and then the logo or name of the college on the bottle. Colleges are selling these bottles, along with other companies like Target and Amazon. I have even seen some high school students carrying these bottles around to begin supporting the school they will be attending in the future.

Camelbak water bottles are also very eco-friendly. Most times, people buy the plastic Dasani water bottles, end up drinking half of them, and then throw it out–not even recycle it.

It is great that these water bottles exist, especially since they are so easy to use, carry around, are eco friendly and can be used by all ages. So the next time you are sitting in class, see how many of these creative canteens you can count.