Grey’s Anatomy displays feminism in a whole new way



“Grey’s Anatomy,” Season 11, left viewers or fans with heavy hearts. With Derek dead, Meredith was left alone with three children, frustrated with her sister-in-law and holding a time consuming job. Fans were nervous for Season 12.

In these last few episodes, people only saw her as a sad lonely housewife who could not live without her husband. What viewers forgot about was Meredith’s good qualities in the first season of the show. Meredith knew who she was. She was strong, persistent and eager to learn. In Season 11, that spark was not there.

Now, in Season 12, Meredith is the strongest she has ever been. She isn’t afraid, or jealous, or depressed. She is happy and wants to be working to the best of her ability.

Shonda Rhimes, the creator, writer and producer of “Grey’s Anatomy,” has really taken the show to the next level. Instead of having Meredith sulking at home barely being able to take care of her family, Rhimes decided to make her this strong powerful female face of the show. Even though she has been the main character for all 12 seasons, this season Meredith is really showing her full potential.

Rhimes has taken this character and made her someone who people can look up to, specifically the avid watchers who struggle with their identity. As opposed to turning into a widow who feels there is no purpose in her life, Rhimes has shaped Meredith into the 21st century styled women: a strong, working mom with three kids living in her own house. Rhimes is bringing “Grey’s Anatomy” into the conversation about women’s rights.

The average adolescent girl may be sitting at home questioning why Meredith is beaming with pride, rather than in a state of melancholy and grief.

In the latest episode, Meredith said that she did not want to date anyone for a long time. Her motives are not only wanting to stay true to her deceased husband but to grow as a women and find herself as a widow.  This season, Meredith re-built herself into the feminist she had always been.  

She may not have been the epitome of the perfect mom in the first months of her husband’s death, but throughout the last few episodes, she has grown more than any character there has ever been on this show. She is independent, and her own person. Rhimes has transformed her into a brilliant role model for women across America.
This season of “Grey’s Anatomy” is very different, inspirational and current. Even though last season was the worst one of them all, Season 12 is going to be one for the books.