How to eat and stay healthy in the cafeteria

Taylor Githen’s salad that she eats at lunch as a healthy option.

Taylor Githen’s salad that she eats at lunch as a healthy option.

Many students were excited to see the endless bags of Oreos, or the new Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos, as the new snacks in the Staples Cafeteria. However when it comes to kids who want to eat as healthy as they can at school, many students at first think it’s impossible to do.

Staples cafeteria does have a salad bar and a sandwich station as an option for students. But Mikayla DiDonato ’17 thinks that the best healthy snack has got to be Skinny Pop, “It has the most natural ingredients of all the snacks there.”

Taylor Githens ’17 is famous in the sophomore lunch section for bringing her organic salads everyday. She’s constantly packing a kale salad, filled to the brim with tomatoes, avocado and cucumbers.

But when the mornings are too hectic and she sleeps through the alarm, there is no time to pack a lunch. When she has no time for the daily salad, Githens tries to buy the healthiest options from the cafeteria.

“Apples tend to be my favorite snack, but if that’s not an option I will usually just pick out another fruit. I also really like the cliff bars and the skinny pop,” Githens said.

Dacotah Keating-Byrne ’16 also believes that it’s hard to find something healthy in the cafeteria. His favorite thing to get though is, “A turkey sandwich with a Smartwater, it’s the best way to go and I feel great after I eat it,” Keating-Byrne said.

Finding a meal at the SHS cafeteria that fits your health needs might be a struggle at first, but the cafe really does have a variety of snacks and lunches that can please everyone.