A taste of new cafeteria food


The cafeteria has gone through a complete turnaround this year. It all started when coffee, tea and hot chocolate sales halted and students were overwhelmed with disappointment. Since caffeine withdrawal set it, there has been a constant stream of new foods.

While many of the additions please students’ taste buds, they lack nutritional value.

The first to come was sushi.

“The sushi is good but occasionally old looking and tasting,” Willow Woods ’18 said.

It may not be as fresh as local favorites Matsu Sushi and Pink Sumo, but it’s a substantial alternative when the sandwich line is too long.

Following the sushi came Naked Juices. Although the sleek bottles boast that these thick, smoothie-like juices are packed with nutrients, they pack in 30 grams of sugar and 150 grams of calories per serving.

Next, Boars Head meat was introduced to the sandwich line. The meat is well known to students since it is commonly found in grocery stores around Westport.

“Boars Head meats really add to the overall value [of Staples food],” Connor Mathewson ’16 said.

It seems that every day there is a new snack food in the cafeteria. In the beginning of the year it was gluten free snacks, then new popcorn, Poptarts, Oreos, and a variety of protein bars including Clif, Luna and Balance bars.

The gluten free snacks such as brownies and cookies are a tasty addition for those sensitive to gluten or just craving a sweet treat. Both these gluten free treats are generous in serving and sure to satisfy any craving, but compromise nutrition. The chocolate chip cookie has 210 calories and 10 grams of fat, and the brownie boasts over 400 calories, which turns off many students.

The salad bar was spruced up with the addition of arugula. The arugula is a nice change when spinach or iceberg lettuce gets old because it adds a bit of spicy flavor to salads.

“They put arugula which gives a healthier option. But one new lettuce compared to so many bags of chips doesn’t compare,” Sarah Bookbinder ’16 said.

When it comes to new cafeteria food, many students agree that while it may taste good, they want healthier food.

“They should focus on fresher foods rather than getting fattening foods everyday. I don’t have time to pack my lunch in the morning and all the gooey cookies and millions of bags of chips are so tempting,” Bookbinder said.