Spirit Week declared fun for upperclassmen, uneventful for lowerclassmen


Photo by Alix Glickman ’23.

As spirit week commenced, students congregated to take photos and document their spirit. Spirit week took place from Oct. 10-14 leading up to the homecoming football game.

As spirit week unfolded at Staples, the hallways were filled with senior girls decked out in pajamas, Adam Sandler costumes, bikers versus surfers themed clothes, red outfits and blue and white spirit. Though many students wore their typical outfits to school, the upperclassmen, and more specifically senior girls, were incredibly excited to show their spirit for the homecoming weekend.

“I love spirit week because it’s a great way to show your school spirit and connect with your other friends and people throughout the school,” Madeline Barney ’23 said.

While upperclassmen were enjoying themselves in these fun outfits, many freshmen felt a lack of interest to participate in the event. Reasons for the lack of spirit can vary, but many feel inclined to follow the common consensus.

“I didn’t dress up for spirit day because not a lot of my friends did, and it felt like I would be one

of the only ones,” Owen Goldfarb ’26 said. “But as I grow up and more people start doing it it might feel more normal and I might start dressing up for spirit day with my friends.”

I love spirit week because it’s a great way to show your school spirit and connect with your other friends and people throughout the school.

— Madeline Barney ’23.

Freshman also feel that with spirit week being so early in the new school year, they are still adjusting to Staples. Each individual had their own way to express their participation in spirit week whether it was full out or more lowkey.

“Personally, I just subtly followed the themes,” Aurelia Laitmon ’26 said. “I think lowerclassmen don’t participate as much because we are still adjusting to the school and don’t really know what’s too much and what’s too little.”

The seniors, however, were excited to fully embrace spirit week and represent their school in a positive light.

“When I was younger, like a freshman or sophomore, I never used to go all out for spirit day,” Sophie Spheeris ’23 said. “But now as a senior I am really excited because I am going all out every day for spirit week leading up to homecoming.”

Those who did participate in spirit week enjoyed getting to deviate from their typical selection from their wardrobe. Whether it was getting to wear a funny costume, or sleeping in a little with the saved time from pajama day, students enjoyed getting to show their spirit.

“So far my favorite day is pajama day,” Barney said. “I loved wearing a giant minion onesie. That was fun.”