Online clubs enhance students’ COVID-19 experience


Graphic by Audrey Kercher ’23

Students of Staples High School run online clubs through Zoom meetings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As eager students have returned to school following a new hybrid schedule, an extracurricular activity forgotten in the excitement are clubs. Staples High School declared that clubs would be running online, but this raises doubts as to whether these clubs are even worth joining.

However, these doubts are unfounded. Virtual clubs create social environments people can join from any location, demand less from students and allow students to try new hobbies and activities safely.

Online clubs are a great way to meet new people and create a sense of normalcy in the age of this pandemic. Last year, joining clubs with my friends was one of the biggest steps I took to join a bigger part of the Staples community. Having clubs during this hybrid school year allows students to be more connected with their school and peers.

Being social creates benefits such as interconnectedness with one’s community, better performance in school and increased overall happiness.

According to The University of Cincinnati Health, students must remain social during the pandemic even if they can’t physically be around other people. Being social creates benefits such as interconnectedness with one’s community, better performance in school and increased overall happiness. 

Although not as many club events may take place this year, including bake sales and volunteer work, many events can still happen virtually. For example, culinary club members will still be able to cook from their own kitchens and share what they made over Zoom. Students will also be able to join various clubs because of reduced commitment times to each club. 

Furthermore, those who don’t usually have time to join clubs now do! Some teens have had more free time during the pandemic, according to NBC News. They have been able to make positive changes to their lifestyle like exercising, cooking and finishing off school work. Even with the start of a new school year, many student’s schedules have been freed up due to only going into school two days a week. Online clubs will follow suit and also demand less time from students, due to only meeting virtually.

Another positive aspect of online clubs is that students who are nervous or afraid to try new things can ease into it from the safety of their own home. According to BBC, adults and teens both feel stress about the new normal as many places around the country start to open up again. Trying new things and getting out there during this time is difficult, but online clubs allow nervous students to safely join a new community.

Despite students not being allowed to physically join clubs, having them virtually is overall a safer option. Students who participate in online clubs will still be able to be social and have a returning feeling of normalcy. Online clubs will overall have an excellent impact on students as they navigate the hybrid learning school year.