Online school proves to be a challenge for students


Graphic by Julia Kasabian ’21

Online schooling due to Coronavirus has become very challenging for many students, possibly even more challenging than regular school.

Julia Kasabian '21, Web Arts Editor

Online school is new to almost all of us. We’re so used to going to school, seeing our friends and meeting with teachers, which has all been taken away due to coronavirus. 

Online school has proven to be challenging, to say the least. Not only is there more work, it’s harder to complete and checking to see when something is due is a necessity. It’s all very confusing and stressful to students. Teachers should attempt to cater to the needs of students when creating and grading assignments during this time period.

There’s so much work that’s assigned to students now. The teachers are only supposed to give 30 minutes of work per class, but usually students don’t have much, if any work in classes such as electives or physical education. Now, their workload is even heavier than it was during regular school. 

Also, some classes such as Horticulture require hands-on learning, which cannot be achieved anymore. Students must now learn through Powerpoints and videos the information that they should be learning through experience. Teachers shouldn’t load up students with lots of work, and should instead give their normal workload or less. This way, both teachers and students will be happier. 

Secondly, work is assigned for different times depending on the class. In my classes, some assignments are due the next day, some are due in the next week and some are due at a specific time during the day it’s assigned. It’s all very overwhelming to students, because it’s much harder to figure out and keep track of when assignments are due when the due date isn’t given verbally. 

Teachers should attempt to streamline their due dates to make this experience less hard on students. This will also make grading easier for teachers, as they will be in more of a familiar schedule. 

Overall, online school has made us all uneasy. By attempting to make online school a more familiar experience, we can make learning much better and more productive for all.