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Many students often feel forced to pick between one extracurricular and another rather than doing both. (Graphic by Maddie Bell ’23)

Extracurriculars are consuming the lives of teenagers

Maddie Bell ’23, Staff Writer June 15, 2023

During a time of new and exciting transition every freshman should feel ignited, ready to embrace the adventure of high school that awaits. I, unfortunately, did not have this experience. I was forced...

New members of NHS for the class of 2024 sit on stage waiting to be inducted at the ceremony on April 26 at Staples High School.

Class of 2023 wraps up National Honor Society, inducts class of 2024

Audrey Kercher '23, Staff Writer April 30, 2023

As an incoming senior, being a part of NHS will introduce you to a broader range of community outreach that will help you grow while moving onto the next stages of your life post high school. The National...

Members of the skate club meet with a representative of The Skatepark Project via zoom to discuss skating.

Skaters, non-skaters roll into skate club

Adian Sprouls '23, Web Opinions Editor November 28, 2022

Looking into room 2002 on any given Wednesday you would see a group of students trying to learn more about a shared passion: skateboarding. Staples’ skate club is a group of both experienced and inexperienced...

I have done ballet for a total of eight or so years. In middle school I started learning to dance with pointe shoes which was both painful and a good experience. I also did theater which I still love to this day even though I don’t participate in it anymore. I always did every school play and while I was far from having the talent of a lead I just enjoyed being in the ensemble and performing on the stage.

Lack of extracurriculars triggers isolation

Lily Hultgren ’25, Features Editor November 16, 2022

My elementary and middle school years were filled with two things: ballet and theater. I had been doing ballet since I was a toddler and went to dance practice around three days a week. In addition to...

The Women in Politics club aims to promote civic engagement, public speaking abilities and empowerment of women by educating about current events and debating topics while being respectful of all opinions.

Women in Politics club encourages female involvement in politics

Nina Jones, Web Opinions Editor October 21, 2022

Most women are familiar with the feeling of their opinions or emotions being ignored or diminished, and it's not a good one. You are discouraged to speak up, because when you do your voice is drowned out...

Chess coach Thomas Sargent 22 welcomes new club members regardless of experience, as his passion for chess compels him to teach newbies.

Checkmate, Staples: Chess Club joins the Fairfield County Interscholastic Chess League

Chess is an individual game, the board acting as a battle-ground between two calculating minds employing wit and strategy, both striving to gain the upperhand. Nonetheless, the Staples chess team has found...

Students of Staples High School run online clubs through Zoom meetings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Online clubs enhance students’ COVID-19 experience

Audrey Kercher '23, Staff Writer October 9, 2020

As eager students have returned to school following a new hybrid schedule, an extracurricular activity forgotten in the excitement are clubs. Staples High School declared that clubs would be running online,...

Yearbook committee members and editors Leah Chapman ’22, Zoë Kaye ’22 and Srushti Karve ’23 all work in the library classrooms to deliver yearbooks

Yearbook surveys attempt to integrate opinions, many don’t contribute

Hannah Conn '23 and Prasaus Yeager '22 March 11, 2020

When yearbooks are sent out to the school, there is a rush of students looking to see if their picture is somewhere besides their class photo and what is featured in that year's book. The Yearbook Club,...

Students gather listening to club pitches during the involvement fair

Involvement Fair is not as effective as it could be

Ryan Thomas '22 October 24, 2019

Each fall at Staples High School, presidents and members come together during lunch waves, attempting to convince Staples students to join their clubs with the help of posters and creative pitches.     A...

New and old clubs line the hallway in hopes of catching the attention of students passing by.  Photo by Rebecca Kanfer 21.

New clubs allow for a variety of opportunities for students

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Paper Sports Editor October 8, 2019

Streamers, balloons and posters fill every inch of the hallways. Club members have abundances of candy like it’s Halloween. Students parade the hallway, moving through the crowds to get a closer look...

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