Whole Foods and the reasons behind a half and whole supporter

Whole Foods and the reasons behind a half and whole supporter

Pro- Emma Greenberg

Whole Foods is heaven on earth. At other supermarkets, it’s hard to find foods that are vegan friendly, and foods that are not processed or frozen. It’s a haven to the food impaired.

Call me a hipster but nothing is better than all organic options Whole Foods offers. There’s nothing wrong with normal foods but once you taste the organic version there’s really no comparison. Take tofu for example; large national chains carry the same brand that looks and taste gross. But at Whole Foods it is very easy for me to buy a packaged and all natural ingredients tofu brand.

Above all, the prepared foods section is amazing. Baked goods, smoothie bar, warm meals, salad bar, soup bar and even a sushi bar. With the sit down area the store provides, its basically a buffet restaurant. Not to mention the delicious vegan and vegetarian soups.

Living in Connecticut, in seasons such as winter and fall it is very difficult to get local fresh produce at farmer’s markets. That really only leaves Whole Foods as the local source of fresh produce. Do you really want to eat blueberries that were shipped frozen and are already two weeks old from Chile? I know I would much rather have blueberries that were shipped the morning of and taste the way they’re supposed to.

I agree that the cost is pricey, but it’s worth it for food that tastes so great. I will gladly spare the extra $10 if it means that I get food that tastes good and won’t put bad chemicals into my body.



Con – Hannah Bjorkman

   Why do people go to Whole Foods? I don’t understand the appeal of organic, vegan, and non-gmo foods that people would prefer to buy over regular produce. Nowadays I find people are obsessed with the idea of eating healthy, which don’t get me wrong is great, I totally support healthy eating, but I don’t appreciate the price it costs to have this healthy lifestyle.  

I am gluten free and I find going to Stop and Shop is the same if not even better than going to Whole Foods, and it doesn’t cost me my allowance. I also need to bring to attention the lack of  creativity Whole Foods brings when selling their products. If I want to buy a six dollar bottle of asparagus water, they need to provide information as to why I should buy this product. At first I thought the asparagus water was a mistake when it was manufactured because I have never seen anything like it before.

Not to mention the fact that Whole Foods needs to innovate. They need to appeal to the younger generation making the food prices more affordable.

“If Whole Foods wants to meet evolving customers’ needs for groceries, it should make the trip to the store optional,” Denise Lee Yohhn from Forbes said.

Partnerships with local restaurants, and suppliers should be applied in the Westport Community. Whole Foods should reach out to local restaurants and promote their food at their stores and communicate with them to collaborate with “Food Festival” like events,similar to what Wakeman Towns Farms does, and is successful at.

Not to mention the fact that they do not offer home food delivery like Stop and Shop offers called Peapod. I still have hope with Whole Foods, but it has to change these demanding needs in order for it to have a stable future. When that time comes, I will be a HUGE supporter of this brand.