5 ways to dominate AP Assassination

5 ways to dominate AP Assassination


  • Get a dope gun


It’s imperative to choose your (nerf) weapon wisely. A simple pistol won’t do, and an over complicated sniper rifle is only going to slow you down. There’s a happy medium between the two, and it just takes a little time to find the right tool to do damage. Personally, I’d recommend either the Retaliator or the Rapidstrike. With a little more cash laying around, splurge on a second gun. This way, different guns can be used for different purposes.



  • Gather intelligence


Location, location, location. In order to successfully execute a shot, you’ve got to track your target down. The best way to do this is to get in with their crew, and make nice to them. From then on out, you’ll know his her favorite place to eat, when dance practice ends, and if he or she plans to skip town at all during the round.



  • Create a plan of attack


Simply put, there’s only one plan of attack fit for a competition as serious as this: a stake-out. Grab some buddies, track down your target, and wait. Be aware of passersby, and get ready to pounce. As soon as your target leaves his or her safe zone, do the deed.



  • Sleep with your eyes open


After your target has been successfully eliminated, it’s time to stay alive. The safe zones are well known, and the strategy is to stay within them. Only venture outside if it’s absolutely necessary, and if you must, keep your gun at your side. Remember, if you shoot your assassin before they can shoot you, they are frozen for an hour.



  • Hit the reset button


When the first round comes to a close, and you’ve moved on (obviously), there can’t be fatigue affecting performance. Stay on your toes, be sly, and stop at nothing to be the ultimate AP assassin.