Best Buddies hosts annual Friendship Ball


Photo by Maddie Bell ’23

The Staples Best Buddies Chapter poses for a group picture to post on their instagram to promote outside of school events.

Connecticut Best Buddies chapters participated in the annual Friendship Ball on Sunday, March 12 from 2-5 p.m. at the Aqua Turf Club. Tickets were sold for $25 each with the option to make an additional donation to the organization. 

The event had a large dance floor set up along with a DJ. From roughly 3-5 p.m. attendees danced and interacted with other chapters. 

“Just [to] look at how everyone was together on the dance floor, and not a single person was left out,” Kady Allen Program Manager Generalist said. “That’s what we think life should be like; a big celebration that includes everyone, regardless of their abilities.” 

Being at such an inclusive, welcoming and lively event…truly showed me the importance of being a part of a great group like this.

— Emma Madoff ’23

Best Buddies is an international program that offers inclusivity for people of all abilities. According to Best Buddies, there are 79 chapters with 2,392 participants in Connecticut. This year was Connecticut’s eighth Friendship Ball during Best Buddies Month

During the ball’s first hour, Miss Connecticut made an appearance and spoke to all of the chapters. Prior to her speech, two members from the Cheshire chapter talked about how their friendship began in middle school because of Best Buddies. 


Best Buddies decorates the ballroom with balloons that are their colors, their logo and a busy dance floor.
(Photo by Maddie Bell ’23)

A buffet of food was also displayed early on, offering pasta, chicken tenders, pizza and french fries. Cookies and brownies were served as well.  

With close to 300 people in attendance, there were over 30 tables. The Westport chapter sat with Trumbull Best Buddies members at their table. 

“The Friendship Ball was an exciting time… [to celebrate] this amazing cause that’s so much bigger than just the Staples Chapter,” Srushti Karve ’23 said. 

The ball had a superhero theme, offering superhero backdrops for pictures, capes for wearing and batman-like masks too. Given that Best Buddies believes everyone has a super power, the dance pushed people to embrace theirs. 

“Being at such an inclusive, welcoming and lively event…truly showed me the importance of being a part of a great group like this,” Emma Madoff ’23 said.