Westport Public Schools offers booster shot for teachers


Graphic by Abbie Goldstein ’22

Staples High School offered the COVID-19 booster shot for teachers on Nov. 17. They could sign up for a preferred time slot and receive it when convenient.

Staples High School offered a booster shot clinic on Nov. 17 following the announcement that teachers were eligible to receive it as of Sept. 24.

All I had to do was fill in the Google form, pick a time I wanted to do it and that was that. It was simple enough.

— Nell-Ayn Lynch, social studies teacher

Despite the low transmission rates in school, many teachers were relieved that the school made it convenient to get the shot and felt the process was relatively easy.

“All I had to do was fill in the Google form, pick a time I wanted to do it and that was that,” social studies teacher Nell-Ayn Lynch said. “It was simple enough.”

The CDC announced that there are possible side effects to receiving the booster shot, and some teachers experienced a reaction to the shot and missed school for a sick day.

“I had like a 104 degree fever, chills […],” math teacher Dana Dolyak said. “I had to miss an entire professional development day.”

Ultimately, many recognized and praised the measures taken by the administration to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

“Many of my teachers were excited to get the booster,” Romy Nusbaum ’22 said, “and it’s good they were able to get it conveniently.”