Staples returns to 100% in-person model effective March


Karina Murray ’22

Principal Stafford W. Thomas Jr. announced the commencement of full in-person learning beginning March 25 in an effort to continue schoolwide progression to normalcy.

Staples High School will return to full in-person learning beginning March 25, according to an email sent by Principal Stafford W. Thomas Jr. on March 17. 

Principal Thomas outlined the parameters of the model within the email, clarifying that cohorts A, B, C, E and F will be in school every day while cohort D will remain distanced. The option to switch out of or into cohort D will remain available and the process of doing so will not change.

Due to schedule changes caused by SAT testing and teacher vaccinations, Wednesday, March 31 will be a full day of in-person learning; Thursday, April 1 will be a half day of remote learning due to a teacher vaccination clinic; Wednesday, April 7 will be a full day of in-person learning and Thursday April 8 will be a half day of remote learning for another vaccine clinic day.

April 21 will be the first in-person Wednesday of the 2020-21 school year. Students will be dismissed at 11:00 a.m., an hour earlier than current Wednesdays.

Some students look forward to the 100% in-person schedule, while others are concerned about the potential health dangers that it could cause.

“I don’t think that 100% capacity is a good idea,” Leni Lemcke ’22 said. “New cases and more quarantines have occurred since going 75%. I think the school is rushing it too much which could lead to worse consequences later on.”

Principal Thomas reminded students of several important safety precautions in order to ensure a safe transition, prompting the frequent usage of hand sanitizer and reiterating the necessity to wear masks at all times while in the building.

“It will definitely give a lot more people the opportunity to learn again,” Aaron Cheung ’22 said. “Learning in person definitely allows students to take in more information more efficiently.”