Connecticut to ease COVID-19 restrictions


Jack Dennison ’21

Connecticut is set to open 100% on March 19

Governor Ned Lamont introduced changes to COVID-19 restrictions in Connecticut on March 3, which will go into effect on March 19.

These changes include the elimination of capacity limitations on restaurants, retail locations, libraries, personal services, places of worship, gyms, museums and indoor recreation facilities.

Lamont stressed the continued importance of social distancing in the press release

“While it is encouraging to see the number of cases in the state gradually going down and people getting vaccinated at rates that are among the highest in the nation, we need to continue taking this virus seriously,” he said.

Additionally, the release also outlines changes to be made in the future. Preschools will be able to increase their capacity on concert venues on March 29 and amusement parks will be able to open on April 3.

This change has led to controversy, with some comparing the lifting of restrictions to the similar actions done in Texas and Mississippi.

Staples librarian Nicole Moeller has mixed feelings about the change.

“I know our numbers are down and our vaccination rates are going up,” she said, “but we’re still in a pandemic, and I know how important it is to be safe and care for others, especially immune compromised people and the elderly.”