Threatening political messages posted in downtown Westport cause fear among residents

Violent and threatening posters spreading political messages were placed in downtown Westport by an unknown person or group of people this weekend.

Posted outside of Pink Sumo, and taped to  parking signs on Church Lane, the signs had both national and local threats.  Some signs read “This town is ours, kill Trump, fight the white,” and “Kill Trump- and once we win we’re coming to Westport.” Others read, “The only good cop is a dead cop,” and “War is coming.” These signs displayed anti- Trump and anti-police sentiments. 

First selectman Jim Marpe voiced his disapproval of the signs.

“The kind of statements that were made on the signs are and always will be inappropriate to any sort of political discourse,” Marpe said. 

The police have been notified and are investigating the motivations and intentions behind the posting of the signs.

“In terms of exactly how we’re investigating it or the things we’re looking into is something that [the Westport Police Department] would never disclose at this point,” Anthony Prezioso, public information officer of the Westport Police Department, said. ”This is pretty new and we are still working on it.”

After the placing of these political signs outside of Pink Sumo in downtown Westport, the police have begun their investigation to find out who made the signs. The signs were removed from the building. (Photo contributed by Marcy Sansolo and Dan Woog’s “06880” website)