Stop And Shop employee strike ends

The strike of over 31,000 New England Stop and Shop employees ended on Sunday, April 21 after 11 days of striking. A tentative three-year agreement was reached which includes increased wages, greater health coverage and more pension benefits. The deal must still be ratified by the unions.

“As of minutes ago, we have reached a tentative agreement with Stop & Shop. For the time being, all department managers and regularly scheduled daytime full-time should report to their store at 7:30 a.m. Monday,” Westport-based United Food and Commercial Workers Union 371 said in an official statement.

Stop and Shop workers from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including the Westport location on Post Road, began their strike on April 11 to protest the way their contracts handled health benefits and pensions.

“We too often overlook [Stop and Shop employees],” Natasha Johnson ’20 said. “When they strike it serves as a wakeup call that the little guy behind the counter is just as important and has just as much voice as the big guy behind the desk.”