Junior Prom Committee raises money for the spring prom


Graphic by Caroline Donohue '20

Staples juniors have been raising money for the underfunded junior prom this coming spring by selling lanyards and phone cases to the student body and Westport residents

The Prom Committee is planning on selling lanyards and phone cases in order to raise money for Junior Prom.

Committed Staples juniors have been working hard in order to fundraise for the Junior Prom in May. The school has been struggling to raise money, and as of right now there is no prom for junior students. Math teachers Nikki Pendolphi and Jessica Levy have created a Prom Committee in order to help raise money for the Junior Prom.

“The prom committee has been working to create new phone pockets and more lanyards, which were a big hit, to raise money,” Jackie Zinn ’20 said.

In order to raise money, the students on the committee have been selling lanyards and plan to also sell phone cases. The prom committee consists of about eight junior students, who so far have raised a few hundred dollars.

According to Levy, the committee ordered a regular blue and white, a pink and white and a tie-dye blue and white lanyards to raise money.
Staples students bought the lanyards fast and the committee is planning on buying more. They plan on ordering hundreds more lanyards and phone cases with the Staples “S” printed on them.

As well as raising money through lanyards and phone pockets, the Prom Committee has been thinking outside of the box and brainstorming fundraiser ideas that have not been done before at Staples.

“Plogging is something we can do when it becomes nice out, the whole idea is that when you jog you pick up garbage,” Levy said. “It’s community service and you sign up for pledges for how many bags of garbage you pick up. Those people would then give us their money and they would be doing community service.”

The committee also decided they would plan to do a similar activity involving hula hooping, jump roping and other activities. People would inform their families and ask them to give them money for every round of activities they do.

“We should definitely do this [fundraiser] during the lunch waves in the courtyard,” Alison Feder ’20 said. “People will want to do these things when the weather is warmer because it is fun and they are helping us have a prom.”