Greenday inspires “green living” throughout Westport

On Saturday, May 14, multiple Greenday events were taking place throughout the community. Greenday is an annual event, presented by Staples’ Club Green, that celebrates sustainability and promotes numerous causes and organizations through a day long schedule of activities at various locations. Greenday events began at 9:00 in the morning at Parker Harding Plaza and ended at 6:00 in the afternoon at the Town Hall watching the Westport Cinema Initiative screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” at Town Hall.


Staples students were involved in getting the community to go green during Greenday.


“I have always been interested in protecting the environment and so becoming a part of Club Green was important to me in high school. I wanted to make Staples a more environmentally friendly place and wanted to have a platform to do that from,” President of Club Green, Jane Handa ’17 said.


According to Handa, the activities at Wakeman Town Farm are typically the most popular Greenday events. Earthplace is also another highly anticipated venue on Greenday.
“Greenday is probably one of the most important days we have throughout the year since it involves the whole town and it is a way to spread awareness about environmental issues with the backing of the town,” Handa continued.