School put in lockdown to prepare for Rushdie

School put in lockdown to prepare for Rushdie

In preparation for Salman Rushdie’s visit on Thursday, October 22, the entire Staples High School went on lockdown at 4:00 p.m.

All sports practices were required to end at 3:30 p.m. and many had 1:45 p.m. early dismissals in order to get a full practice in. All home games were cancelled in advance, and the girls soccer team, who had an away game, was dropped off at Wakeman instead of Staples afterwards.

There were many mixed reactions to the lockdown.

“I was surprised that administrators prioritized sports practice over academics,” Mira Patel ’16, a swimmer who was released from school at 1:45, said. “I had a test last period so I just went to practice when I was done with that.”

Others thought it was necessary, but still believed it could have been executed better.

“I think it was needed to be safe but it created so much unnecessary hassle to try and coordinate practice,” Kenzie Healy ’17.

While many team members were unhappy with missing class, one full team had issues with the new scheduled practice time.

“When I got to the pool at 1:45 there was still a gym class using it. We ended up not being able to get in until 2:10,” Kristen Finnegan, JV swim and dive coach said.

The Staples football team found alternate solution to the lockdown, by having practice at Saugatuck Elementary School. That way students didn’t miss class, and they still got a full practice in.