Bedford Square construction is one third complete

Bedford Square construction is one third complete

The town’s new face lift should be finished in two years, but the historic Bedford Square’s end cost of the construction will be around 100 million dollars worth of funding according to

Architect Francis Henkels, a District Commission member said, “There will be a mixed use building, renovate all the current buildings, and a giant 40 thousand square foot Urban Outfitters store.”

On Sept. 2, Town Hall announced that zones will be closed off near the site, including a parking lot. They won’t be opened any time soon.

Daniel Ruskin ’17 assistant of the 3D printer section of the library said, “I’m having a hard time finding parking spaces. The construction is definitely causing issues.”

The construction isn’t just causing issues with parking, it is also affecting businesses in the area. Sono Baking manager David Matthews has opened a new bakery right in front of the work zone.

“Some people just don’t want to take the extra three turns to get here,” Mr. Mathews said.

Some people are taking advantage of the walls that section off the zone.  One member of The Artist Collective in Westport painted “Welcome to Westport” on one section of the wall. Artists are starting to following suit and take advantage of these walls with their brushes.