Bagel Maven turns off its oven on Post Road East


Fritz Schemel

Bagel Maven will close their location on the Post Road today after 24 years of business.

As of today, the smell of freshly baked bagels will no longer escape through the doors of 538 Post Road East. Bagel Maven, a breakfast staple in Westport since 1990, has closed.

Owner Alex Perelomo, who has been in charge of the business for six years, said that he was unable to renew his current lease in that location.

Perelomo added that he hopes to continue the business in a different location, but finding a new location may take the “next couple of weeks or month[s].”

Frequent Bagel Maven customer Michael Fanning ’17 will miss how close the shop was to his house.

“It was in a very convenient location for me,” Fanning said. “The service was great…[it was] always the same four employees and they were very friendly.”

Adam Feuer ’17, who worked at Bagel Maven over the summer, dreads the days without his favorite sandwich there and hopes that Bagel Maven reopens somewhere in Westport.

“[My favorite was] the bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel. It was awesome,” Feuer said.

Perelomo has enjoyed his time running the business and Westport, and wants to stay in town when looking for a new location.

“[Westport has] great people. It’s a beautiful town. It’s family oriented. I really appreciate [all the customers],” Perelomo said.

With many fond memories in the past, he looks to add more great memories in a new spot.

“The best part is when you hug the little kids, and then all the kids from the high school, they’ve always been here,” Perelomo said. “It’s fun just seeing the people.”