Genius Bar lands in library

You know the feeling: your wifi is spazzing out; your computer won’t print to the proper location in the building; you don’t even know how to use iMovie, let alone create a video with it for your history class.

But these sources of anxiety are about to be resolved. Next school year, Staples is getting a little bit smarter.

A new feature will be joining the Library Learning Commons in the fall. Although the new tech help desk does not have a name yet, according to social studies teacher Mr. Rogers, it will act in many ways like an Apple Genius Bar.

Rogers envisions that this new help desk will be open before and after school in addition to each period of the day.

“Staffed by one or two students, it will be a place that students and staff can go to with tech questions about their device,” Rogers said. The service will help students use many programs such as iMovie or the school wifi.”

Rogers and a group of teacher and administrators conceived the idea at a Google Apps for Education conference last year when they heard about a tech help desk at Burlington High School.

“We thought we would benefit from a similar idea here at Staples,” Rogers said.

Although only teachers have been doing the “back-end work” on the project, student involvement will start soon. In the coming weeks, sophomores, juniors and incoming freshman will be able to apply to work the desk. If chosen, these students will work the desk as an Independent Study course and also create tutorials and projects to benefit the rest of the school in need of tech help.

“I feel like a tech desk is a great idea in theory,” Olivia Jones ’15 said. “But it wouldn’t be used very much. Most high schoolers at this point are pretty tech savvy.”

However, she noted that the wifi in school is definitely the biggest technological problem for most students. Lulu Stracher ’17 agreed, noting that students still have problems with the wifi and a tech-help desk could be really helpful to solve those issues, and others.

“A tech help desk would definitely be successful because when teachers send out a tech request it usually doesn’t get checked out immediately, and if there was a tech help desk the common problems that arise could be fixed really quickly.” Stracher said.

“I think our ultimate goal is to have a place where both students and teachers have easy access to someone who can help them when they need that tech help,” Rogers said. “With someone at the desk who has those skills, we have a place where people can get hands-on help with their tech problems.”