Soccer Star Gaby Gonzalez ’22 Scores All-American


Contributed by Gaby Gonzales '22

This past weekend, Gonzalez traveled to Tennessee to meet her All-American teammates and play in an East vs West game, which Gonzalez’s team won 5-0.

Moments after Staples girls’ soccer’s victory in the State Championship Game, Gaby Gonzalez was pulled aside by her coach, Barry Beattie, who told her that she had been selected to be on the All-American team. 

“It was a surreal moment,” Gonzalez said. “I truly couldn’t believe it. This is something I have always dreamt about getting and the fact that I was actually able to get here is still crazy to me.”

 In Connecticut, the selection for All-American athletes begins at the FCIAC level, which consists of around 20 players. These players are then narrowed down to  the all-state, all-region (New England), and eventually the All-American level. 

When athletes are deemed All-American, they play on a national team with exclusively other All-American athletes.

Gonzalez was one of three players from the FCIAC selected to the prestigious squad. This past weekend, Gonzalez traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet her fellow All-American teammates, as well as play in agame against other qualified players. 

“It was really cool playing among such talented players and we were all instantly able to connect,” Gonzalez said. “The atmosphere throughout the weekend was both positive and competitive.” 

Following the initial introduction to her fellow All-Americans, the players were divided into two teams based on their hometown: East and West. Fresh off her stellar season, Gonzalez didn’t miss a beat, with her team winning 5-0.

With yet another accolade now on her resume, Gonzalez will play for Cornell University next fall. 

“We had the best season in perhaps all of Staples girls’ soccer history,” she said, “and getting this award was the cherry on top. I couldn’t be happier.”