Matsu Sushi reopens

Matsu Sushi in downtown Westport has reopened as of June 4.

It was temporarily closed in April due to renovations. They also were charged with labor abuse charges earlier in the year. Matsu will be opened 11 am to 3 am and 5pm to 9pm Tuesday through Sunday but will be closed Monday’s to continue renovations. According to Westport News, the renovations include new lights and painting of the interior of the building.

Photo by Mia Daignault ’20
Matsu is a popular restaurant in downtown Westport that has recently reopened. They serve Asian cuisine.

In the past year, two workers were fired from Matsu after refusing to work 36 hour shifts. However, they were rehired in October after a judge ruled the dismissal of these workers illegal. Matsu Sushi will continue renovation while continuing to serve Tuesday through Sunday.