Freshman with senior siblings are one step ahead

Freshman with senior siblings are one step ahead

So what’s better than being a freshman at Staples?  How about being a freshman with a senior sibling.

This year, over four hundred new freshmen will begin their high school careers like the other classes before them, nervously pacing the hallways in search of classrooms. Some of these freshmen, however, have a unique advantage – a senior sibling to prepare them for the ins and outs of Staples culture.

Benji Malowitz ’18 knows that one of the biggest advantages to having a senior sibling is knowing what to expect for those first years.

“I feel more prepared than most people,” Malowitz admitted. “It was a pretty easy transition. Watching my sister, Hannah, go through it all helped me know what to expect.”

Sofie Calderon ’18 thinks that having a senior sibling is a major advantage because her sister, Izzy is always there for her when she needs help or is lost. Her sister also helped her pick out which school supplies are necessary and which aren’t, which allowed for an easy transition.

Other freshmen have already found out the benefit of getting driven to school most days and parking in the senior lot. Taylor Rochlin ’18 loves the fact that her sister drives her instead of taking the bus.

Knowing your senior sibling’s friends is also a huge plus for any nervous freshmen. “It’s honestly the best feeling in the world. I see friendly faces everyday and I like being known by upperclassman,” Rochlin explained.

While having a senior sibling has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. “Some of my teachers have had Hannah before and they have expectations that are intimidating,” Malowitz confesses.

Freshman with senior siblings may be more prepared and confident coming into Staples, but the rest of the freshman will make their way just as well in the long run.