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Despite the fact that many juniors complain about their walk to the unofficial junior parking lot, Wakeman Field, the past year of parking there has taught me numerous invaluable life lessons and granted me many social and health benefits.

It’s really not that bad: an ode to my walk to Wakeman

Rachel Olefson '25, Web Managing Editor May 10, 2024

I make an effort to breathe and reconnect with nature after my panic attack the day before over my AP final exams. As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brightly, I take a moment to appreciate the scenery...

As a result of going through experiences before any younger siblings, eldest siblings often suffer from anticipatory anxiety about being unsure of things like the college application process, what classes to take, and general life advice, putting them at a disadvantage in comparison to their peers who fall in a different spot in their family’s birth order.

Make it stop!: Eldest children face excessive and unnecessary pressures, anxiety

Rachel Olefson ’25, Web News Editor January 16, 2023

As my sixteenth birthday began to approach with the start of the new year, my already-terrible anxieties pertaining to just about everything in my life started to worsen and flood my brain with questions:...

On March 11, gas prices at Exxon in Westport demonstrated a record high of $4.49 a gallon for regular.

Rising inflation affects student drivers

Sarah Marron ’24, Web Sports Editor March 21, 2022

The oil crisis of 1973 accelerated the inflation created by Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, which was a program to eliminate poverty and racial injustice. This inflation, similar to what is affecting...

Traffic after school serves as a daily obstacle, both before and after school.

Escalating school traffic clogs Westport streets

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager November 23, 2021

After Connecticut public schools returned to  100% in-person schooling,  there has been overwhelming traffic smothering the roads.  But this traffic is completely unnecessary.  Students without a license...

Seniors parking spots are in close proximity to the cafeteria making it easy and accessible for students to get their cars during lunch.

Extended lunch waves prove beneficial for seniors

Rebecca Kanfer, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

The change in schedule due to the Coronavirus pandemic meant a change in lunch waves. The extended lunch periods are beneficial for seniors and those who can drive because they have an ample amount of...

Online classes are updated and posted every other week; however, students are only allowed to take one class on a school day per DMV regulations.

Fresh Green Light uses remote learning, keeps students engaged

Amanda Rowan '22, Photostory Editor May 18, 2020

After passing a permit test, attending 30 hours of classes and eight hours of driving with an instructor, the much-anticipated ability to safely drive on your own has been earned for many teenagers.  Learning...

Why should people choose Lyft over Uber

Why should people choose Lyft over Uber

January 15, 2018

By Isabella Bullock '19 Uber and Lyft are very similar platforms that people use as a means of transportation; however, there is a division between people who prefer one over the other. Uber was...

D’Amico lays down the law: Those who violate parking rules are to face future punishment

D’Amico lays down the law: Those who violate parking rules are to face future punishment

June 13, 2017

By: Ben Stein '18 and Jack Caldwell '18 Recently, Principal James D’Amico said in an email that any juniors “who park on campus without a pass will not be allowed to obtain a parking pass for next...

Best locations to learn how to drive

Best locations to learn how to drive

May 8, 2017

By Alexandra Sprouls ’19 One of the things that makes sophomore year so memorable is that many students turn 16 and obtain their permits After doing so, a parent is not only in charge of  taking...

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