Fresh Green Light uses remote learning, keeps students engaged

Amanda Rowan '22, Photostory Editor

Online classes are updated and posted every other week; however, students are only allowed to take one class on a school day per DMV regulations. (Photo by Amanda Rowan ’22)

After passing a permit test, attending 30 hours of classes and eight hours of driving with an instructor, the much-anticipated ability to safely drive on your own has been earned for many teenagers. 

Learning to drive is a huge milestone, and with social distancing impacting all driving school locations, the temporary closing brings prevalent fear among teenagers. 

However, Fresh Green Light driving school has implemented distance learning classes throughout summer to ensure students are able to take the required classes, while still maintaining healthy social distancing guidelines. Fresh Green Light is one of the many driving schools that have made the change to remote learning with adjustments and changes in their program. Each class is two hours and takes place in the Zoom video communications app.

“Even though my permit test got canceled, I’m really glad I can take my driving classes online so that I won’t fall behind on my learning to drive experience,” Guy Harizman ’22 said.

“Even though my permit test got canceled, I’m really glad I can take my driving classes online so that I won’t fall behind on my learning to drive experience.”

— Guy Harizman '22

The DMV of Connecticut has postponed all permit and license tests until further notice due to social distancing requirements, causing many teens to push back their expected driving dates. 

“I took most of my driving classes in person before corona,” Kate Smith ’22 said, “which kind of sucks now because I could have just done them in the comfort of my own home had I known about the closings.” 

Despite completing almost all her driving classes in person, Smith is unable to receive her license due to the DMV cancellations. Although some feel the remote learning is unfair, circumstances have changed and business must adjust accordingly. 

Fresh Green Light has been sure to keep students and parents updated with their expected reopening dates and information. Owner Steve Mochel has stayed positive yet realistic in his emails, being sure to keep all customers in the loop. 

Fresh Green Light will be continuing to provide the Classroom portion of our program through Online Classes for the entire summer and most probably well into the fall,” Mochel said. “It’s the safest and easiest way to deliver classes in this new environment and the response from Students & Parents has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Feedback from students has been positive and effective in helping Fresh Green Light find ways to improve their remote learning program and benefit students. 

In order to ensure students have attended the full two hours of the class, they are prompted to take a quiz at the end to receive credit. The quiz has 10 multiple choice questions and students must get seven out of 10 to earn credit.

“I think having us take a test at the end is a great way to know that we actually paid attention,” Luca Robins ’22 said. “In the end, it will only hurt yourself the most if you didn’t retain any information from the lesson.”