Why should people choose Lyft over Uber


By Isabella Bullock ’19

Uber and Lyft are very similar platforms that people use as a means of transportation; however, there is a division between people who prefer one over the other.

Uber was created March 2009, and Lyft was created June 2012. I personally am more familiar with Uber because it has more locations in cities and has been around longer, but Lyft is beginning to become more popular. With Uber being so successful, I question why Lyft is used at all; however, I often look past the fact that Lyft offers options that Uber does not.

In the article 5 Reasons To Start Driving For Lyft Before Uber, points out the fact that Lyft only rates a driver on his or her last 100 rides, while Uber does a driver’s last 500. “If you make some mistakes early on and get rated low because those low ratings won’t count for too long,” the article states. “Uber, on the other hand, takes into account your last 500 – so if you mess up early on, it takes a long time for those bad ratings to fall off your record.” This is better on Lyft’s behalf, because it allows your low ratings to basically disappear, so you can start fresh fast.

Another reason why I lean more towards Lyft is because it allows them to schedule a time to be picked up. If one knew he or she would need a ride in advance Lyft has the ability to schedule it for him or her, whereas Uber only works in the now.

Lyft is also cheaper when it comes to fares from airports and populated areas. Uber vs Lyft: 9 things to consider before your first ride states, “In San Francisco, it costs a flat $65 with UberBlack to get from anywhere in the city to San Francisco’s airport, while Lyft merely charges a $3.85 surcharge on top of the trip cost.” Even though UberX may be a few cents cheaper for everyday rides, Lyft is far cheaper for rides in more populated areas, that are much more important than everyday rides.

Overall, Lyft is often overlooked and has many qualities that are better than Uber. Because of this, people should choose Lyft over Uber when looking for a transportation service.