D’Amico lays down the law: Those who violate parking rules are to face future punishment


By: Ben Stein ’18 and Jack Caldwell ’18

Recently, Principal James D’Amico said in an email that any juniors “who park on campus without a pass will not be allowed to obtain a parking pass for next year.”

Those who do not have the right to park on school grounds are supposed to park at the Wakeman Town Fields, an approximate 10-minute walk from Staples High School.  

Rule-abiding juniors who park at Wakeman have favorable views of the decision. Charlie Nadel ’18 believes D’Amico’s actions are justified, saying, “I think it’s fair that juniors who park in senior student spaces and get ticketed should not be allowed to get senior spaces, I’ve been parking at Wakeman for the whole year, and those jerks deserve to pay a price.”

Seniors also have strong feelings towards this issue, as they had to endure parking off-campus all of their junior year. Matt Chinitz ’17 said, “They should be ticketed. Often times spaces will be taken up that I easily deserve, because I have a parking pass, and I won’t be able to get them.”

Matt Chernok ’17 has a resolution to the problem: “What we need is more parking spots at Staples.”

Although parking at Staples High School has become a contentious issue among upperclassmen, D’Amico’s new ruling, if enforced, promises to reward those who have abided by the rules throughout their junior year.