Five Guys and Shake Shack battle it out for the tastiest shake


Well-accustomed, Westport fast food eaters may have noticed a couple new additions to the Five Guys menu in recent weeks. Five Guys now now offers an array of milkshakes on their menu at their Westport location, an addition many foodies look forward to.

Tasty options such as Oreo Creme, salted caramel, vanilla and more have arrived. They also serve additional toppings like Oreo cookies and even bacon in shakes. Their shakes are priced at a reasonable $4.49.

Some residents wonder if the recent additions are to compete with long-time rival, Shake Shack, another popular fast food choice in Fairfield County, as they have long been known for their quality shakes.

Shake Shack offers shakes like hand-spun vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, black & white, strawberry and peanut butter with available toppings as well as a shake of the week option. Shack’s shakes lean on the more expensive side at $5.29 a pop.

Staples students are torn over the better fast-food joint and are weighing their options.

Emily Duranko ’16 a frequent Shack eater said, “Shake Shack is always my go-to for a good shake, but Five Guys is super underrated. Lots of Staples kids go there too.” Duranko claims Five Guys may even have the tastier fries out of the two.

“I think it’s good [Five Guys] has shakes now to try to compete with other popular fast-food places like Shake Shack,” Duranko said.

However, when it comes to the best shake in Westport, Duranko is loyal to Shake Shake. “I’ll always be a Shack fan. Their vanilla shakes are a classic,” she said.

Kaela Fodor ’16, a burger connoisseur says, overall, the decision between Five Guys and Shake Shack is a tricky one, even without factoring shakes into the equation.

“As a huge fan of cheeseburgers, it’s a really tough decision to pick. Five Guys is pretty nice, I mean you get the double patty and it’s more of a customizable burger, but with Shack it’s a more picturesque cheeseburger.” Fodor said.

While Fodor is torn over the perfect hamburger, she claims that Shake Shack is better for shakes, while Five Guys wins in the fry department.

Fodor also shares her favorite part about Five Guys, “They have free peanuts and that’s pretty cool,” she said.

Although Staples students enjoy both fast-food options, many lean towards Shake Shack as the superior option in terms of shakes.

Connor Teran ’17 said, “Although it’s great Five Guys has shakes now, I’ll always be more of a Shack fan overall. The service, the quality and the atmosphere is super consistent and can’t be matched.”

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