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Emily Olrik

Emily Olrik, Features Editor

If you’re looking for Emily Olrik you will most likely find her in Inklings. After growing up with a very artistically orientated family, Olrik knew she wanted to be involved with something that would allow her to have a creative output for her talents. After being a staff writer she eventually went on to be the editor of the Features section. Being the youngest she was always the boss at home, so becoming the Features editor was a natural fit,  “It was nice being in charge of something, and having my own say. I felt like I really had a voice,” Olrik said. Joining Inklings was a very good life choice for Olrik because, “It feels like a community, everyone here has a sense that they belong.” In the future Olrik would like to pursue a career in her main two interests, Gender Studies and English.

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Emily Olrik