Laughter erupts at Toquet Hall

Laughter erupts at Toquet Hall

Teenagers flooded through the doors, eagerly purchased their tickets, and quickly snatched up seats to reserve for their friends.

Last night, the Stand Up Comedy event at Toquet hall was full in swing with four equally talented and hilarious comedians, endless laughs and countless jokes.

The show featured Robert Dean, originally from Bridgeport, who performed on the Toquet Hall stage many times in his youth and more recently as well. The show also featured returning Staples comedy legends Michael Mathis and Nick Ribolla, as well as a local homeschooled teen, Lucien Formicella.

Audience members were equally impressed by each comedian’s performance with topics ranging from the ice bucket challenge, senior girls, first dates, after parties and My Three Sons.

The stand up bits engaged the audience and left them laughing till their eyes began tearing up and their stomachs hurt.

Frequent comedy night goer, Simon Ginsberg ’16 said, “It was a great turnout tonight,” Ginsberg gushed enthusiastically about the fantastic performances and the overall great experience. “I’m glad I was in attendance.”

“It was awesome to see a lot of kids from Staples there supporting the comedians, as well as kids from other schools,” Ellie Aronson ’16 said.

“I had a really good time,” said Justin Cheng ’16. Cheng described all the comedians as “hilarious.”

The audience was enthralled by the comedians’ natural ability to stand up on stage and reveal embarrassing personal stories and even make fun of themselves a little.

“For me the best and most surprising part [of the show] was how raw some of the pieces were,” James Banbury ’16 said.

Staples students enjoyed how the comedians were able to express themselves freely without having to censor the content of their jokes.

Banbury said, “You’re sitting there with a bunch of kids who you would normally only see in a school environment, and hearing them say things that would usually get them sent to the A.P. if not expelled. It was a great change of pace.”