A Taste of Westport comes to town


Every year the fundraiser, Taste of Westport, is held at the Westport Inn in order to raise money for the non-profit organization Clasp. Clasp helps give individuals with disabilities, such as autism, a home and other personalized services.Their main objective is to increase the community’s understanding about the people they help and to show them what an impact each individual can have. The organization’s largest fundraiser of the year, Taste of Westport, has raised over 500,000 dollars every year since 2004. At the fundraiser, many local restaurants bring food and cater the event, each restaurant having their own table.

“Being one of the youngest people at this event, it is pretty amazing to see all of these adults coming together to support such a great cause that is close to home,” Nikki Benjamin ’17 said. “Plus, the food is really good.”

Guests pay 75 dollars to get a ticket, but there are also auction items. In the center of the ballroom stands a big table filled with expensive auction items for the guests to participate in a silent auction. All of the proceeds from this even go to Clasp and the diverse array of auction items, appeals to every demographic, whether you’re a fashionista or a sports fanatic. The high top tables set up for the guests allowed adults of the town to meet and mingle while eating delicious food.

Taste of Westport is a perfect combination of social fun and generous charity work.

Taste Of Westport