Despite the winter season, David’s Tea continues to thrive


Even in the cold and brisk winter season, David’s Tea, located in downtown Westport has remained a top destination for Staples students.

With flavors ranging from “Chocolate orange” to “Organic Nepal black,” and divided neatly into categories labeled: White, green, oolong black, pu’ erh mate, rooibos and herbal; there is certainly a tea suited for one’s’ taste buds in spite of the frigid winter.

Liz, the key holder and junior manager of David’s Tea explained that with varying weather patterns and seasons throughout the summer, the store will adjust its flavors to these conditions.

“In the spring and summer we have more floral and fruit flavors. These lend themselves better for iced teas. Meanwhile in the winter we have flavors that are more rich, lending themselves to be better while hot,” Liz said.

Sophia Stanley ’16 prefers to drink David’s Tea in the winter over the summer largely because of the feeling she gets when drinking hot tea when it’s cold out.

“The hot tea really warms me up, especially when it is cold outside,” Stanley said. “The richness of the flavors is much better in a thick brew of tea rather than an iced tea, which is what I get in the winter.”

Matt Garber ’18 feels that the tea is in fact much better during the winter than the spring.

“The tea has much more gusto during the winter. It has a richer brew and is very noticeable. Something that is better in the winter than spring,” Garber said.

David’s Tea also consists of a store that offers a tremendous amount of supplies to enhance one’s tea drinking. Brian MacCordy ’17 enjoys David’s Tea for that reason.

“The store possesses a ton of great herbal enhancers, accessories and other products that really make my tea drinking experience much better,” MacCordy said.


Davids Tea

David’s Tea