Flipside delivers mixed reactions


The $13 mac n’ cheese burger included a layer of bacon.

Margaux MacColl, Managing Editor

Tucked away in downtown Fairfield, at the end of a winding brick alley, is Flipside Burgers and Bar.

Upon entering, the restaurant immediately gives off a casually cool vibe.

The menu is printed to look like a chalkboard; the light above my table dangled from inside a kitchen strainer. A group of boys, still sweaty from their sports practice, packed into a booth in the corner.

The casual burger joint has American food with an impressive variety of signature burgers– with toppings spanning everything from pineapple to mac and cheese– as well as a “make your own burger” option.

To start, I ordered the “Flipside Nachos,” which were chips piled with chili, guacamole, nacho cheese and sour cream. The service was extremely quick and within ten minutes I was chowing down on my appetizer.

I was somewhat disappointed. While the chili and the cheese were delicious, there was too much sour cream that made the dish very heavy.

For the main meal, I ordered two burgers to split with my friend– one of the signature mac n’ cheeseburgers and a veggie burger. When they arrived, I was surprised at the large serving size. Both burgers towered over the plate, each with a knife jabbed in the middle to keep the ingredients together.

The veggie burger was delicious– it was a lighter meal, topped with guacamole, onion, tomato, and lettuce.

As for the mac n’ cheese burger, the burger itself was yummy– juicy and flavorful. The mac and cheese, however, lacked flavor and the bits of bacon mixed into it made it incredibly salty.

The intense combination of bacon and mac n’ cheese lead me wishing I ordered a simpler dish so I could better appreciate the quality of the actual burger.

The meals came with a side of french fries, which unsurprisingly also came in an enormous serving size. They were tasty, thin and crispy– a lightweight snack in comparison to the heavy main dish.

Overall, the food at Flipside was hit or miss. The veggie burger was delicious, while the mac and cheese burger was overwhelming. Despite the uneven food, with a unique location and vibe, Flipside remains a good choice for someone who wants a laidback meal and experience.

The cheese on the $8 nacho dish is homemade.