Pink Sumo wrestles Matsu Sushi ’till the end


Pink Sumo’s Rock Shrimp is composed of quite a few battered fried shrimp in honey coconut sauce at a price of 10 dollars.

At some point in your life you might be walking about Westport, keeping to yourself. But then, out of the blue, a tourist in a rental Volvo sedan might roll down their window, smiling cheek to cheek, and ask you what might just be the most difficult question ever: “Excuse me dear, but where’s the best sushi joint around here?”

At this point, you’ve probably come to a cross roads. You can either suggest Matsu Sushi or Pink Sumo, but which one?

Alas, I have come to your rescue.

Matsu Sushi, located across from the Westport Public Library, is more family friendly. First off, the service is ridiculously fast. Your Low Mein will be sitting in front of you sooner than you can say, “and a Japanese soda too, please.” But besides that, the wait staff even provides a spoon beside the white rice, just so that you don’t feel like an idiot to admit that no, you still cannot use chopsticks.

But, even though Matsu Sushi has a family-like vibe, their menu still kills it. Eel avocado roll? It is surprisingly tasty. The combination sounds pretty odd, but the smooth eel wrapped beside the traditional avocado has both moisture and a unique taste.

Meanwhile, Pink Sumo, located next to Patagonia, is its polar opposite. It’s basically the restaurant version of Hollister, minus the strong perfume. As you squint to read the menu in the dimmed lighted, the Top 40 playlist featuring T. Swift and Nicki Minaj sounds in the background.

The service isn’t too fast, but the food is certainly worth the wait. The Rock Shrimp? It’s a bunch of jumbo shrimp coated in a tangy sauce, and it’s quite exquisite.

So, at those crossroads mentioned before, do what your math teachers have been nagging for you to do since sixth grade, and make an educated guess, go with your gut.