Restaurant Week In Westport

Diners enjoy a meal at Spotted Horse in Westport during Restaurant Week

Claire Lewin, Staff Writer

These days in Westport, it seems as though new restaurants are opening up on every street. Unfortunately for students, they often get priced out of these new restaurants and don’t always get to enjoy them.

But luckily for them, about 30 restaurants in Westport will be participating in the annual event Restaurant Week from March 10 through March 16.

Customers will be offered great deals on quality dining throughout the town. Residents can go to local restaurants and get a fixed-price meal of three courses for either lunch or dinner. Costs range from $9.99 per meal to $29.99 depending upon the hour and the restaurant.

Some old-time favorite restaurants that will be participating in the event include Bobby Q’s, Tavern on Main, and Rizzuto’s. There are also many new restaurants that are getting in on the fun. Pink Sumo, one of the newer restaurants in Westport, is offering a $14.99 three-course lunch special as well as a $29.99 three course dinner special. Other new restaurants that are participating include Eatalia and Spotted Horse.

Even a few days in, Restaurant Week has proven to be a great success. Restaurants are filled during lunch and dinner hours, most people ordering from the prix-fixed menu.

“As a student myself I would have loved the deals that you’re getting for lunch and dinner,” said Katie Lukach, the maître d’ at Tarry Lodge. “It’s a three-course meal for a really reasonable price.”

Restaurants have reported that families have been enjoying the low cost meal, but not as many students have been participating. At places like Bobby Q’s, however, students were seen taking advantage of the low prices.

Spotted Horse owner Peter Menonna thinks that Restaurant Week is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of the lower prices. “I expect to see more students on Saturday during lunch and dinner.”

Restaurant Week has turned into a much-anticipated yearly event in Westport, as it is a great way for people to enjoy expensive meals at great prices.

“I am so excited to go to Restaurant Week,” said Abigail Merlis ’15. “It’s a great opportunity to go to certain restaurants that you wouldn’t normally go to and have great food at reasonable prices.”